Books published by Scientifur


In 1986 The book MINK PRODUCTION (edited by Gunnar Jørgensen), which had been translated from Danish, was published in the English language. The book, which deals with all aspects of modern mink production, skin grading and- sales, consist of 399 richly illustrated pages, subject index and list of translations. In 1987 the book was also published in Japanese and Spanish languages.


In 1987 the book BEAUTIFUL FUR ANIMALS-and their colour genetics (edited by N. Norodd Nes, Einar J. Einarsson, Outi Lohi & Gunnar Jørgensen) with more than 300 high quality colour photos on 271 pages, covering the colour variants of mink, foxes, coypus, chinchilla and marten, was published in the Norwegian language, in 1988 the book was published in English, Swedish, Danish and Japanese.


In 1989 the book HEMATOLOGY AND CLINICAL CHEMISTRY OF FUR ANIMALS (edited by Asbjørn Brandt) was published in co-operation with Institute of Biology, Karelian Research Centre, Russian Academy of Science, Petrozavodsk, Russia.

All books are available from SCIENTIFUR’s, Oslo office.